In-Situ Gold Mining

What is In-Situ Gold Recovery?

In Situ Recovery (“ISR” or “In Place Mining”) involves recovering minerals in place without long term negative surface environmental impacts.

EnviroMetal’s Advantages

ISR is a proven extraction method for multiple metals. ISR used extensively as a primary uranium extraction process in the US and internationally. ISR is being developing for several US based copper deposits.

ISR offers measurable cost savings including reduced capital, operating and reclamation costs.

ISR offers a sustainable solution for the gold mining sector. EnviroLeach formulations make the ISR application for gold possible due to its neutral pH, ambient temperature operations, and continuously recyclable chemistry. ISR also reduces the environmental footprint of mining.

The ISR Process

Because no waste rock is produced and tailings ponds are not necessary, the degree of surface disturbance is significantly reduced and final reclamation is simplified.

Group 11 Technologies Inc.

Group 11 Technologies was formed to combine the talents, processes and technologies of three companies with the focus of advancing ISR Gold Recovery. EnviroMetal contributes metallurgical expertise and its proprietary chemistry that makes this process possible.

Group 11 Partners:

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Spent Catalytic Converter Processing

EnviroMetal’s Advantages

Catalytic converters are components of every diesel and gas(petrol) vehicle. They play a key role in reducing harmful emission to our environment. The also contain valuable platinum group metals, including platinum, palladium and rhodium. The only existing metal recovery process solution is smelting.

Environmentally sustainable recovery of high value Platinum Group Metals (PGMs) will reduce the high energy, carbon intensive smelting processes and reduce reliance on mining of virgin metals. The EnviroMetal’s is developing processes to contribute economic and sustainable solutions for the adoption of the circular economy and using our global resources more wisely.

EnviroMetal is proud to be taking a lead role in the development of this cost effective, green alternative to conventional smelter-based recovery of platinum and palladium from spent automotive catalytic converters.

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